Suvash Chandra Paul, PhD-student in Civil Engineering, wins the best paper award

At the recent Third International Conference on Sustainable Construction Materials and Technologies (SCMT3 2013), held in Kyoto, Japan on 18-21 August 2013, best paper awards were made from the selected conference papers by the local and international organizing committee. Suvash Chandra Paul, a PhD student in Department of Civil Engineering presented his paper entitled “Chloride Induced Corrosion in Cracked Reinforced Strain Hardening Cement-Based Composite (R/SHCC)” at the conference and won an award. This paper was selected to be published in the International Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology (JACT), Japan.


Suvash Chandra Paul seen on the left, holding the award certificate with Prof van Zijl.

The paper was co-authored by Prof Gideon van Zijl, Mr Suvash Chandra Paul’s PhD supervisor and Mr Andrew Theunissen. Prof van Zijl also presented a paper at this conference, entitled “Crack spacing in steel bar reinforced strain hardening cement-based composites (R/SHCC), towards corrosion modelling”.

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