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The Civil Engineering profession offers excellent careers for both men and women.

Many and varied positions in the public and private sectors are filled by Civil Engineers, from local authorities to government departments, and from consulting engineering firms to giant international construction companies.

The four-year Bachelor of Civil Engineering programme (BEng (Civil) provides students with a broad knowledge base in civil engineering.

In the first two years, a foundation is laid in mathematics and the natural and engineering sciences. The courses include Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Chemistry and Engineering Geology, Strength of Materials and Construction Materials, as well as programming and Informatics.

In the third and fourth years, the theories of civil engineering problems are developed, as well as algorithms that can be used to solve these problems. In the process, students learn how to deal with technical problems in a scientific way. The coursework programme covers subjects from the traditional civil engineering disciplines, such as Water Engineering, Structural Engineering, Transportation and Geotechnical Engineering.

Courses in Environmental Engineering and Engineering Management deal with engineering technology within a wider frame of reference, and in collaboration with other engineering disciplines.

In Informatics, students are equipped to use the computer as a powerful tool in solving a diversity of engineering problems.

The BEng(Civil) programme at Stellenbosch is accredited by the Engineering Council of South Africa for registration as Professional Engineer.

Foreign students
Please contact Mrs C Talmarkes (Tel: +27 21 808 2910 | Email:

You have to meet certain minimum requirements to be admitted to this programme, as laid out in the latest Faculty of Engineering Yearbook. If you meet these requirements, you can apply here.

Entry requirements
Minimum Admission requirements for BEng (Civil)
• Matriculation exemption or equivalent
• An aggregate of 60%
• Mathematics (not maths literacy): 70%
• Physical Science: 60%
Undergraduate Documentation
If you have any questions about admission requirements, please contact Nicole Hartzenburg (Tel: +27 21 808 4835 | Email: )
Foreign students
Please contact Mrs C Talmarkes (Tel: +27 21 808 2910 | Email:

Support Programmes
Inadequacies in the school system may result in unsatisfactory preparation for university study. To compensate, the University offers Academic Development Programmes (ADPs), allowing prospective students whose school preparation has been inadequate to gain admission to the University. The ADPs serve all twelve faculties of the University.

Admission requirements:
Prospective students must still obtain full Matriculation Exemption. Students who are just short of meeting the minimum requirements for selection programmes, such as Engineering, Medicine and options in Economic and Management Sciences, are candidates for admission under the ADPs.

Applying for admission to the ADP route
Prospective students who may be candidates for the ADP route should apply by completing the standard form Application for Admission to the University, AND the form Expression of Interest in the ADP route, returning them to:

The Director
Academic Development Programmes
University of Stellenbosch
Private Bag X1

ADP Year Programme
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What subjects do I need for admission?

Minimum Admission Requirements for BEng (Civil)
• Matriculation exemption or equivalent
• An average of 70%
• Mathematics (not maths literacy): 70%
• Physical Science: 60%
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