Student Support

The Centre for Student Counselling and Development (CSCD) is functioning virtually and telephonically.

Academic Support and Development: 021 808 4707 /

Emotional Support and Emergencies:  021 808 4994 /

ER24 for 24 Hour Emergencies: 010 205 3032

For more information visit the CSCD website.

Appointments with the educational psychologist at the Engineering Faculty can be made through Natalie White:

Language Support

All course modules are presented in both Afrikaans and English, up to the end of the third year of study. Specifically:

  • All first year lectures are presented in parallel Afrikaans and English class sessions.
  • Second year module will be presented in parallel medium where the class sizes justifies it.
  • Third year modules are presented in English with a summary in Afrikaans.
  • Fourth year modules are presented in English only.

Special language skills modules are offered for those students who do not perform well enough in the academic literacy tests. However, all test and exam papers and also all assignments are set in both Afrikaans and English and students are free to write any paper or assignment in either Afrikaans or English and also to communicate with lecturers in either language.