Kuyasa gabled houses, Kayamandi

In 2010, BIng(Siviel) final year student Stephan Schoeman, designed and constructed a mechanical support for a gable of a historical house in Kayamandi, under supervision of Prof GPAG van Zijl.

The photos show the front view, the leaning gable of the far house, and the anchorage detail of one of the supporting elements. The choice of mechanical support was made in favour of keeping the historical gable, but preventing eventual over toppling due to continued creep. The design, material, manufacturing and implementation on site were all sponsored by the Institute of Structural Engineering (ISE) of the Civil Engineering Department of Stellenbosch University. Kuyasa, which ran a crèche, as well as construction training on the site, was informed of the need to maintain the steel support, by regular painting and tightening.

Kuyasa Dec 2009 (1)

Kuyasa Dec 2009

Kuyasa Dec 2009 (6)

Kuyasa January 2010