Prospective Postgraduates

Postgraduate Brochure

Postgraduate administrator: Mrs Amanda de Wet (Tel: +21 808 4404 | Email:

The department offers the full range of postgraduate programmes, namely:

• Master of Engineering (Structured) leading to the MEng (Structured) degree. (Excluding Water and Construction Engineering  and Management)
• Master of Engineering (Research) – leading to the MEng (Research) degree
• Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering) – leading to the PhD degree
• Postgraduate Diploma in Engineering- Leading to the PDE qualification
• The degree of Doctor of Engineering the D Eng degree

While most of our postgraduate students continue directly from our undergraduate programme, the department boasts a good number of students from other South African universities as well as international students. In fact, approximately one-quarter of our postgraduate student body are not South African citizens. The composition of the postgraduate student body can be seen here.

Admission model and requirements:
Postgraduate studies admission model
Faculty of Engineering requirements

South African students:
Application form 2021
Electronic application (compulsory to complete electronic application)

Foreign students:
Stellenbosch University International
Electronic application

Special students:
Students from another university wishing to attend a postgraduate course at Stellenbosch University are called special students. To apply, please complete this form.
For cost and submission instructions please contact:
Nicole Hartzenburg (Tel: +27 21 808 4835 | Email: ) or
Mrs A de Wet (Tel: +27 21 808 4404 | Email:

The maximum period of enrollment: See Section 8 in the Postgraduate Brochure.
Preparatory studies for candidates with a B Tech qualification: See Section 4 in the Postgraduate Brochure.

Tuition fees for South African Students: See Section 8 in the Postgraduate Brochure.
Tuition fees for Foreign Students:
Please contact Mr Omar Isaacs e-mail: at the International office for information regarding fees.

Funding and Bursaries for postgraduate studies:
General postgraduate student funding:

Contacts person: Mr Nugent Lewis

NRF Masters and Doctoral Scholarships for Full-time Studies


Application form 2021

Submit with qualification certificate/s, study record, short CV, study overview (module selection): Mrs A de Wet – Tel: +27 21 808 4404, Faks: +27 21-808 4947, Email:

For more information on available research topics, watch the videos below:

MEng in Structural Engineering

MEng in Water Engineering

MEng in Geotechnical, Management and Transport Engineering