Vision and Purpose of the Department of Civil Engineering


The vision of the Civil Engineering Department is to be an institute of excellence that welcomes a richly diverse community of Civil Engineering students and staff, provides stimulating learning, and develops leaders in the field of sustainable and innovative infrastructure, through SMART Engineering.

Purpose Statement

The Civil Engineering Department provides education and offers mentorship to prepare students for careers as civil engineers. A SMART Civil Engineering Student from Stellenbosch University learns to apply proven engineering sciences and techniques by making use of up to date technologies, designing sustainable solutions in collaboration with stakeholders, for the benefit of society.

The Civil Engineering Department conducts fundamental and applied research and presents Continuous Professional Development courses, to advance practices of Civil Engineering for the realisation, improvement and maintenance of sustainable physical infrastructure for society.

Purpose Statement

As a Department we are committed to:

  • Excellence

Academic freedom to pursue knowledge that adheres to the highest standards of integrity, innovation and relevance

  • Compassion

Recognition of, and care for, the wellbeing of all our students and staff

  • Accountability

Taking responsibility for our actions

  • Respect

Civility in our mutual and public discourse and due regard for the freedom, equality and dignity of all, and respect for the environment

  • Equity

Restitution and fairness based on our legacy and aspirations