Diversity Initiatives

The Department of Civil Engineering strives towards a welcoming culture that will make all students, staff and visitors feel at home, irrespective of origin, ethnicity, language, gender, religious and political conviction, social class, disability or sexual orientation. This includes creating a multicultural environment that enables a variety of cultures to meet and learn from one another.

The diversity committee of the Department of Civil Engineering meets on a monthly basis with the aim of:

  • Identifying and addressing hurdles for student success and benefiting from their Stellenbosch experience;
  • Improving the diversity profile of students and staff at the Department;
  • Creating opportunities to improve the understanding by staff members of the benefits, sensitivities, and challenges of diverse societies.
Mentorship Programme
  • The Faculty of Engineering manages a mentorship programme for first year students to assist with academic challenges;
  • Our Department (Civil Engineering) has a staff member who is available to assist all students with advice and guidance on either academic or other needs;
  • Individual staff members provide mentorship to students on academic and other matters;
New Generation of Academics Programme (nGap)

The nGAP programme of the Department of Higher Education recruits new academics based on carefully designed and balanced equity considerations in light of the disciplinary areas of greatest need, drawing from senior postgraduate students or past students who hold appropriate post-graduate degrees and who have ambitions/can be attracted to become academics.

The Department of Civil Engineering identified the opportunity to increase the diversity in their academic staff component by making use of the nGAP programme. A young junior lecturer joined the Department in 2019 as part of the programme. The nGAP programme offers excellent professional and academic mentorship to the incumbent.

Financial Support

Whenever possible the Department of Civil Engineering brings students in contact with companies who may be able to provide financial support for tertiary studies.

SU Equality Unit

Visit the SU’s Equality Unit for more information on their reporting structure.

For advice/support/information contact Mrs Muller at civil@sun.ac.za or 021 808 4440.