South African Students

The University of Stellenbosch offers University Residence accommodation to students. Students who are not offered university residence are advised to find private accommodation and to join the Private Student Organisation (PSO)- the organisation that caters for students who do not live in residences to allow them a similar social structure. It should be noted that the PSO is not responsible for finding accommodation for students, it is each student’s responsibility to find suitable accommodation.

For more information regarding accommodation, please follow the link.

International Students

During your studies you have a number of options regarding accommodation; you may stay in a university residence, in rooms or apartments administered by Stellenbosch University International (SUI) or in private accommodation. Students wishing to stay in a university residence with a dining hall (normally undergraduate students) should complete the relevant section of the university application form. SUI tries to mediate on behalf of students and will assist you in obtaining acceptable housing as far as possible.

For more information regarding international student accommodation, please follow the link.