Programme structure

The MEng and PDE programmes are delivered through a structure with a course component and anindependent research component. PhD students have no course component and only perform researchwhich leads to a dissertation. The MEng and PDE programmes’ course component consists of a seriesof compulsory courses as well as elective courses, which should be thesis supporting. The compilation of the suite of courses taken by a students is decided upon in collaboration with the study leader.

Courses are offered in two blocks per semester of two or three days and assignments will test the work covered during each block. Students are obliged to participate in both blocks of a course and submit and pass all assignments to pass the course.

Programme Format SAQA Credit
PDE A coursework based programme 120
M.Eng (Structured) A coursework based programme with a composition

of 120 course credits and 60 credits earned through a research project.

M.Eng (Research) 100% research based programme with an element of compulsory supplementary coursework (at least 5 courses), with the purpose of supporting the research. 180
PhD 100% research based programme 360

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