Course Schedule 2016

Students can take courses from the list below (5 for research MEng, 8 for structure based MEng)Industry participants can also register for CPD attendance.

Course Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Construction risk(1) Sem1 (5 days)
Project procurement(1) Sem1 (5 days)
Construction contract law(1) Sem2 (5 days)
Construction management(1) Sem2 (5 days)
Infrastructure asset management(1) Sem1 (5 days)
Project management(2) Sem1 (5 days)
Fundamentals of Engineering (Financial management)(2) Sem2 (5 days)
Project leadership and the environment(3) Sem2 (5 days)
Research project (MEng (Research)) Sem1 + Sem2 Sem1 + Sem2
Research project (MEng (Structured) Sem1 (6 weeks)

Sem2 (6 weeks)

(1) Current course in 2016
(2)Course currently presented at the Department of Industrial Engineering. It is envisaged that these courses will be developed for a civil engineering and infrastructure focus to be presented from 2017 onwards by the Chair for Construction Engineering and Management
(3) New course to be developed for presentation from 2017 onwards

Students can also choose subjects from other Civil Engineering disciplines in agreement with the study leader. More information for other the courses in the civil engineering department is available on: Course Schedule 2018.

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